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Chiara Andreatti’s living room furniture at Design Miami

Chiara Andreatti’s living room furniture at Design Miami
Chiara Andreatti’s "Welcome!" furniture collection for Fendi includes a concrete planter, dark wool carpet, small table, and a metal rocking chair, among others.
( Photo: Alberto Zanetti)

Curator Maria Cristina Didero renewed her partnership with Fendi by commissioning a suite of living room furniture titled “Welcome!” for Design Miami 2017. 

Chiara Andreatti, the Milan-based designer, has interpreted the concept by drawing inspiration from the north-Italian countryside. The ideas of countrified luxury and elegance underscore the collection Andreatti has developed for Fendi. She was also inspired by the designs of Gabriella Crespi, the enlightened middle class of the 1970s, and pioneering female adventurers of the early 20th century. Andreatti has drawn on many elements that form the core of Fendi and has transferred them from fashion to domestic design.

The collection includes a 4 meter-long sofa that has been upholstered in the same black and tobacco pattern as the brand’s iconic shopper from the 1970s, alluding to the work of Viennese architect Josef Hoffmann. The rest of the collection is developed around this centerpiece. It includes large Japanese-inspired pendant lamps, two carpets made of natural Himalayan wool using the selleria leather stitching technique, ceramics inspired by primitive and classical forms, bamboo coffee tables made by one of the last craftsmen in Brianza, and two thrones that pay homage to Koloman Moser, a founder of the Vienna Secession. Each item is developed in a different style that comes together as an articulate whole. They showcase Andreatti’s various passions such as that for the Orient, handcrafting and natural materials, graphic patterns, and decoration.

Andreatti explained her outsized collection by adding, “It’s an optical effect I worked hard to achieve. And it sums up what I felt when I went to the new Fendi HQ at the Palazzo della Civiltà. Viewed at a distance, the 54 arches in the façade look normal, almost domestic in scale. But then, close up, you see how huge they are, and you feel tiny by comparison.”

The “Welcome!” collection is on view through December 10, 2017, at Design Miami, noted Wallpaper.